What the Orsus acquisition means for NICE

Purchase takes NICE from analytics and video into a future of situation management says NICE's division president

Because of the ready-made integrations Orsus has built, the system is designed to be installed by skilled integration firms, but it doesn't require high-level programming requiring a great deal of work from a company's IT department or from the systems integrator.

On the workflow management side of the Orsus software, the integration of an organization's standard operating procedures into the system can be either done by Orsus, by the system integrator or by the end-user. The goal for the company is to have the end-user do the set up of rules and S.O.P. workflows in the Orsus system because those S.O.P.s may change from time to time as the customer's business needs and security concerns change.

How Orsus fits into NICE

Following the acquisition, Orsus will be part of NICE's public safety division, but because a hallmark of the company has been the vendor-agnostic integration approach, NICE is strategically keeping the company as a separate operating unit and not marrying it directly into the existing NICE security business operations. That means that the company is keeping its management and employees and even its existing business offices and locations, Wooten explained.

"Orsus will continue to be vendor-agnostic and will stay 'open'," Wooten added. "We want Situator and Orsus to continue to provide that high level of integration between a lot of different vendors' systems. They are going to be a separate division within NICE and will support our existing divisions and will also work with traditional competitors [to NICE's video surveillance offerings]."

The companies had worked together on large-scale security projects in the past, Wooten said, that involved NICE's video surveillance systems the Orsus solution. He added that, in the future, the Orsus technology could even partner with the NICE audio analytics/contact center management technology offered through NICE's other business unit. In fact, Wooten said they are already working with one customer to do such an integration.

"When you detect a security problem, you typically call someone. One of the value propositions is that on the forensics side, we bring all the pieces of the incident , video, access control, but we can do forensics on the audio side by integrating with the voice platforms [such as for dispatch calls via radio]."

In the end, Wooten is extremely optimistic about the Orsus purchase and thinks the company's technology will become more important over the next few years, especially as industries adopt more sensor points.

"Customers are deploying more and more sensors because technologies -- such as network technologies -- are allowing us to deploy more sensors. You're seeing the sensors go into non-traditional areas, such as areas outside security."

[NICE's previous acquisition in the security space was Actimize, a company which provides banks and financial institutions tools to identify and respond to financial compliance issues such as money-laundering.]