Taking the needs of our industry to Capitol Hill

SD&I Publisher Carol Enman reports on the NBFAA’s Congressional lobbying efforts

The fourth and most controversial of the bills was to oppose S. 560 – the Employee Free Choice Act of 2009 which would “amend the national labor relations act (NRLA) to establish an easier system to enable employees to join, or assist labor organizations, to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts and other purposes.”

This I believe is the bill that also includes the private and public voting in union matters which has received a lot of media attention and has spurred national television and radio ads. What was most interesting was the ambiguity about what was and what was not covered or meant in this bill. It sparked debate amongst the congressional delegates as well as our own members including individuals working in HR who shared their concerns that the bill allowed employees to legally group together to effect policies and procedures that would normally be under their company’s authority.

If you have found yourself moved negatively or positively by anything you read in the text above, I would ask you to respond to the NBFAA and participate in molding your own industry. And if you don’t like it and you don’t do anything about it, well, then I certainly hope you don’t plan to complain about it later. Further, I am sure that the NBFAA has other bills that they are currently considering, and I am also sure that they would consider matters that are of interest to you.

I have but scratched the surface of the matters discussed. NBFAA can give you much more depth on any or all of the issues they represent…and correct any misinformation I might have created in my short overviews.

This is our industry and we are responsible for it. Standards are being set, matters are being legislated, and members of our industry that are active and outspoken are making things happen. You don’t have to literally go to the hill to effect change, but you do have to participate to have your voice heard in what happens to you or us. So please stand up and be counted.