Integrating loss prevention systems for improved awareness

Tying together video, EAS, intrusion and access for event-driven solutions

Another retailer is testing a solution that notifies a central facility if the EAS system in a store is turned off. The benefit of integrating 24/7 monitoring and EAS is the real-time visibility it gives to potential theft situations in any store across a retailers' chain. Monitoring EAS also helps to verify proper operation and ensure prompt service -- which improves the effectiveness of the program.

Thanks to the ubiquity of network connections in modern security equipment, effective integration is not only possible, it is becoming practical. The challenge to retailers, manufacturers, and consultative providers alike is to work together to identify the most effective set of solutions for today's connected store.

One thing is even more crystal clear than the displays on the latest screens: We cannot settle for stand-alone functions or needless complexity, but must focus on holistic solutions that deliver value, visibility and asset protection in these bustling environments. Everyone gains from the success when the benefits of the total program greatly outweigh the sum of its parts.

About the author: Steve White is vice president and general manager of CheckView at Checkpoint Systems Inc.