ROI a hot topic among IP vendors

Manufacturers, integrators meet at ‘IP-in-Action’ meeting to discuss new technologies, state of the industry

Another emerging technology generating a lot of buzz in the industry is Video Lifecycle Management (VLM). With more and more regulations being heaped upon video users as it pertains to how long they must maintain surveillance footage, more people are looking for ways to store that video without losing quality.

For years, according to Charles Foley, CEO of TimeSight Systems, video cameras were just installed so people could say they were doing what they could to prevent unwanted incidents from occurring. Now, however, Foley says people see video as data and something that want to preserve and analyze.

“It’s not about front door, backdoor anymore,” he said.

TimeSight DVRs allow users to store large amounts of footage by gradually reducing the video file size, as requested by the user. In other words, a company may want to store the last five days of video at the highest quality possible, but still retain the rest of the month’s footage. A TimeSight DVR does this by slightly reducing the image quality of the rest of the month’s footage, which subsequently reduces the file size and storage costs.

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