At the Frontline: Former U.S. Secret Service Agent Bill Warren

Warren discusses security for the presidential inauguration

Were there any presidents who would frequently deviate from the established security plan?

I would say President Carter liked to deviate from the schedule and try to get close to the people, try to be part of the people. The Clintons did to a degree. President Reagan, President Nixon, you could pretty much set your watch on their schedule.

Was there anything that you learned in your time protecting the presidents that you could apply to corporate executive protection?

I guess I would say for corporate executives, corporate security, the greatest (security precaution you could take is) to be cognoscente of your immediate area and things in your immediate area and try not to be so predictable. The bad guys are watching you and watching your operations so they see how you do things. If you keep doing the same thing, the same way all the time, it presents a vulnerability to you. So be cognoscente of your area and be willing to shift your routine.