Security Interviews: Former Starbucks Coffee CSO Francis D'Addario

Author of 'Not a Moment to Lose' shares his stories of working in the security profession

My years with Starbucks Coffee as director and then vice president of the global Partner and Asset Protection team informed my approach. I hope the blend of both personal and professional experiences encourages others to tell their stories, make their points, and influence others to be prepared for all hazards starting at home, in the community and throughout their organizations. At the end of the day we must be conversant with risk and mitigation and have the leadership courage to innovate, adopt, jettison, or improve solutions.

Endeavor to help others understand that brand reputation is only earned when the organization ethically attempts to protect the legitimate interests of all stakeholders including but not limited to alliances, associates, clients, communities, contractors, customers, investors, partners, and product or service providers.

About Francis J. D’Addario, CFE CPP
Emeritus Faculty, Strategic Influence and Innovation, Security Executive Council

Francis D’Addario served as the vice president of Partner and Asset Protection for the Starbucks Coffee Company (1997-2009); Director of Loss Prevention for Hardees Food Systems (1990-1997), Director of Security for Jerrico Inc. (1981-1990), and as a Regions Manager for the Southland Corporation (1978-1981) where he endeavored to ‘protect people, secure assets, contribute margin’ for global markets. His teams are credited with benchmarked results for crime prevention, profit contribution, professional engagement, and violence avoidance. Francis has more than twenty five years in public safety and strategic security management. He is a Certified Protection Professional, Fraud Examiner, and Community Emergency Responder.

Francis is a senior advisor for the Security Executive Council. He served as a project team member for the development of ISO 28001 an International Standardization Organization (ISO) supply chain security guideline. He is the recipient of recognitions including the CSO (Chief Security Officer) Magazine 2007 Compass for protection innovation, the National Food Service Security Council’s Lifetime Achievement and the Spirit of Starbucks awards. His new book Not a Moment to Lose: Influencing Global Security One Community at a Time will be published by the Security Executive Council in 2009 (see SEC page on Francis' forthcoming book).

His publications include Loss Prevention through Crime Analysis (Butterworth’s 1989) and The Managers Violence Survival Guide (CPA 1995). He co-designed LossVisionä, a copyrighted loss reporting, investigations, analysis, and asset recovery software program; as well as Safe and Soundä, an interactive ‘workplace violence’ training curriculum marketed by Learning Dynamics. He co-chaired the business committee for ‘Three Projects/One Community’ a $29 million capital campaign to provide West Seattle with permanently affordable facilities for food, social services, low income housing, and the arts. You can contact Francis at::

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