Bosch rethinks its fire business

Company focuses on larger-scale fire alarm systems as it expands into a networkable, addressable product line

"Bosch has a very successful fire alarm business in Europe and Asia," Davis continued. "But the product for Europe and Asia doesn't fit for the U.S. market. Bosch has made a strategy and is investing in a dedicated portfolio for the U.S. market. This [UL-listed] portfolio will also be able to be used in South America, the Middle East and parts of Thailand [due to reciprocal recognition of the UL requirements]."

And even as Davis considers Bosch's U.S. fire systems business strategy, as a former technician, installer and engineer who has worked for companies like EST, Siemens Building Technologies, McDaniel Fire and Guardian Alarm, Davis gives a strategy tip for companies to grow their own businesses:

"I tell them to think about growing their fire business not just through installations but through service contracts, because there are code requirements for service they can pursue."