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Video management and analytics

Manage Your Video-Verint Systems' Nextiva 6.2 version video management software, designed for large decentralized environments, includes automated device discovery; investigation management; a software-based virtual matrix; interactive facility maps; and a customizable video viewing interface.

Self-Calibrating Analytics-VideoIQ's iCVR-HD camera delivers embedded high-definition analytics, 1080p high-definition video, zero bandwidth recording and support for IQTrack automatic digital PTZ. Self-calibrating analytics eliminate the need to tune or adjust analytics during installation. Analytics distinguish people, vehicles and boats from other objects, animals and scene movement to deliver high accuracy, in all weather and lighting conditions.

What's Your Situation?-Siqura B.V.'s DIVA IP-based Video Management System (VMS) with built-in intelligence manages the network and applies face and license plate analytics algorithms for detection. Users can configure the user-interface and video wall layout to fit each profile. Siqura DIVA integrates with third-party systems.

Hybrid Video Solution-Salient Systems' RM2000 hybrid video management server, powered by its CompleteView VMS, is available in four-channel increments to 32 analog inputs. It supports up to 50 camera sources, supporting simultaneous IP and analog recording.

VMS/IP Camera Integration-Milestone Systems' Device Pack 5.6 integrates XProtect software with the 832 series IP cameras from Bosch Security Systems. The integration allows users of Milestone XProtect IP video management software to operate video streaming in both MJPEG and H.264 with RTP/UPD protocols and audio.

Double the Software-OnSSI's Ocularis v2.0 software platform integrated with KapLogic's Aegis Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software enables customers to use Ocularis functions for a number of camera models within a PSIM environment. Functions include instant investigation during live monitoring; open platform support; and advanced Ocularis video investigation tools including Time Slicer and Kinetic Motion Timeline.

New Software Capabilities-New features of the MxControlCenter 2.5 network video management platform from MOBOTIX include saved search profiles to make user-defined common search queries a single-click operation; unlimited users and groups rights management control with full action audit log; and video motion search on recorded footage to identify critical events.

At the Enterprise-MESSOA's VMS 816 is designed to handle large amounts of streaming video data from multiple HD cameras. Capable of running multiple megapixels cameras in triple video display functions-live view, recording, and playback-it helps customers bridge existing legacy analog systems to high-speed IP-based systems.

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