Product Showcase

Video management and analytics

Ecosystem Integration-An integration module between Proximex and March Networks allows high-quality surveillance video collected from March Networks' 4000 C Series hybrid IP/analog NVRs to display in the Surveillint command and control center user interface. The recording platforms support dozens or thousands of cameras across any number of locations.

Video Analytics Updates-Two new versions of Agent Vi's video analytics solutions are now available. Vi-Search version 2.0 includes offline search capabilities and a new site map functionality, which projects motion data gathered from individual cameras deployed at one site on a complete site map. Vi-System version 4.1 features improved real-time detection and alerts in challenging environments such as crowded outdoor and indoor scenes.

VMS Control at Your Fingertips-iOmniscient's IQ-VMS allows a system designer, system integrator and operational manager to use any capability of the IQ-VMS across the networked enterprise. With its Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP), a user can automate the action response required for specific events. It supports MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264 and other standard protocols including RTSP, RTP, DSF and HTTP.