Product Watch

A look at what's new in the market

AV Controls Pass the Test-Crestron's PRO2, RACK2 and AV2 control systems, TPS-6L and TPS-4000 touchscreens and the QM-RMC room controller are certified Class A items approved for use on Nimitz class aircraft carriers following its U.S. Navy Class A Shock Test certification. This testing certification verifies that the Equipment Under Test (EUT) will operate prior to, during and after a near-miss explosion.

Remember This Face-The C-Entry Face Recognition access control solution from C-True Ltd. delivers 1:1 face authentication with a response time of up to one second when the subject is at a distance of approximately 50 to 60 centimeters, using a token (RFID reader and pin entry on the touchscreen are included).

Try It On for Size-Digital Monitoring Products' (DMP) False Alarm Question feature is designed to help end users quickly and easily cancel false alarms. When the False Alarm Question feature option is selected, the end user can silence an alarm by entering their code. When prompted, a user can respond to an alarm by pressing "Yes" to cancel the alarm or "No" to confirm the alarm and summon help.

Can You Handle This?-DORMA Architectural Hardware's Locking Ladder Pulls incorporate a pair of tubular lockable pull handles with thumb turns made from Grade 316L stainless steel. They feature a patented anti-break-in technology and steel deadbolt locking on the reverse side of the key insertion. This technology conceals the cylinder-fixing screws.

Biometrics-Enabled Barcode Scanner-DAP Technologies' M2000 pocket-sized barcode scanner is available with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system and a new add-on rugged biometrics module with fingerprint and credential-reading capabilities.

Get 'Wired' about Foil Connectors-ETCO FWC Series Connectors are designed for attaching eight to 22 AWG wires to aluminum- and copper-foil or film laminates from 0.001- to 0.095-inches thick. They can be used in transformers, capacitors, relays, flexible heaters and electro-luminescent lighting and displays.

Eye on Fixed Applications-Genetec's AutoVu Sharp VGA license plate recognition (LPR) camera comes equipped with on-board analytics and is designed to capture plates of cars passing in a contained zone such as a parking lot entrance. It can also be used as a security tool, alarming operators when unwanted guests or stolen vehicles are detected.

Top These Cameras-Geutebruck's TopLine series of progressive scan cameras includes eight box cameras and a fixed dome unit with resolutions from 720p through full HD to 2 megapixels and frame rates of up to 30fps. Features include sensor types (CCD and CMOS) as well as standard color and true day-night options with automatic IR cut filters.