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A look ahead to ISC Solutions, battle over municipal monitoring, more

The meeting included a recap on the efforts and actions in IESA's fight to stop fire districts from entering the private alarm industry, which most recently resulted in the permanent injunction Judge Milton Shadur issued in July against the Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District, barring it from entering the fire-alarm monitoring business.

"The ESA realizes that we are the ones plowing the grounds to stop this," explained Kevin Lehan, executive director, IESA and manager of Public Relations, EMERgency24. "We are the ones putting up the resources to debunk the life safety myth and they see that what we are doing is going to pay off in other states," he said.

In addition, State Representative Robert Rita, elected to the 28th District in 2002, provided insights into proper procedures the industry should take in acquiring licensure renewal in the coming years.

Industry sponsors of the legislative gathering include Interlogix, Honeywell, Telguard (a division of Telular) and Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution. IESA continued sponsors include Acadian Monitoring, ADI, Altronix, EMERgency 24 and Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution.

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Software Enables Buildings to Stay Connected

With the Rapid Eye Driver, software that integrates Tridium's Niagara AX systems with Honeywell System's RapidEye DVRs, facility managers can now integrate building events with video recordings. The product is designed to help integrators by enabling them to offer a solution to end users that keeps building systems interconnected (i.e. no more disparate technology/protocols administered in separate wings of a building).

"By integrating with the Niagara platform, the RapidEye video system interoperates with any system deployed within a building," explained Marc Petock, vice president of Global Marketing Communications, Tridium, Richmond, Va.

In addition, building managers can perform tasks such as diagnosing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) maintenance issues or detect water leaks using video.

"The interface bridges the gap between traditional video systems and integrates that functionality with building management systems, lighting and energy management-based systems," Petock added. "This enables the RapidEye solution to participate in energy savings ROI derived from intelligent, smart buildings which increase value in existing and new video investments."

The integration effort between the two companies also stems from evidence that security is becoming increasingly a part of building automation, as opposed to building automation becoming part of security, according to Scott Harkins, general manager, Honeywell Systems, Morristown, N.J.

End users who require or want to add the value video integration brings with building automation, lighting, energy management, fire and security systems would benefit most from the integration, Petock said.

"Due to the cost-effective and scalable architecture of Niagara, customers of all sizes ranging from a small retail location to multi-story building to multi-building campus can take advantage of this new driver," he added.