Video From the Top

Prominent industry experts discuss choosing a solution, migrating to IP, and industry-leading technology features.

FD: With the trend moving more towards a network-based environment, it's natural that traditional IT-based companies such as Cisco would enter the physical security industry, which in our estimation is actually becoming more “virtual” and software-driven with the implementation of IP-based technologies. The increasing demand for greater storage capacities and anywhere, anytime surveillance access and control will surely put major IT companies like IBM, Apple, HP, Microsoft, and Dell in this space. We think these new entrants into our traditional marketplace will spur greater collaboration between IT and physical security and lead to further technological developments for security systems devices.

JM: I don't see Cisco's entry into physical security as one that will immediately change the dynamics of this industry … That being said, their entry still does pose an interesting question regarding how Cisco will now bring this product to market. The IT segment seems to have a very structured method to market, with datacom distributors and value-added resellers (VARs) being those who typically buy Cisco products and then re-sell them to the end user, so it is a safe bet that they will have a leg up with the IT directors who will be handling security for their company. As for whether I'm worried or excited about Cisco, I think it is too soon to tell. I'm excited about the technology that they can develop for this marketplace, but also worried that their deep pockets will make life more challenging for the smaller companies, and it is the smaller companies that have typically brought the innovation to this industry.

PN: It is an exciting business to start with, and this just adds another element to it. With Cisco getting into the space, it just validates the importance of video security to the physical and the IT space. Video security will now become a topic of discussion with corporate CIOs where in the past this topic may not have reached the CIO's desk.

ST&D: Describe one or two unique new features or capabilities you are including in your surveillance products to make the security executive's job a little easier.

LC: OLE for process control, ANR—automatic network replenishment, a patented feature in our IP video solution—and video content analysis.

AL : To be competitive we try to include features above and beyond what the other suppliers may be offering. For instance, our cameras may have an additional mounting axis, or a higher zoom ratio. And we offer a three-year warranty on most of our products. However, beyond technical distinctions, we offer the TOA support team that stands behind the security products we sell. Our reputation for superior service has been sustained since 1934.

WS: BroadWare offers a truly open, IT-compliant system that is more easily approved and maintained by IT departments. Our open API allows very easy integration with other systems. This level of compatibility means that we can operate on virtually any hardware standard or manufacturer our customers may have chosen. Since we strongly support industry standards, we are able to ride the advances in technology as they arrive and are adopted.

FA: At the recent ISC West show, Sanyo introduced the new Pan-Focus Technology … designed to ensure that all objects, whether in the foreground or background, are always in focus. This exclusive feature assists the security personnel viewing the image as well as providing a great advantage to installers when the initial installation is made. These units are available in five different form factors. Additionally, each of these units features an optional network board for use in applications where the customer is transitioning to an IP-based system.