Video From the Top

Prominent industry experts discuss choosing a solution, migrating to IP, and industry-leading technology features.

FD: Panasonic continues to deliver technologically advanced products that are easier to deploy and maintain. For example, we've built intelligent functions into both our analog and IP cameras. Our Super Dynamic III (SDIII) analog cameras offer distinct benefits, including pixel-based dynamic range, which enhances dynamic range to 128x that of conventional cameras to capture unsurpassed quality images even in harsh lighting conditions; auto back focus, which automatically adjusts camera focus when switching from color to black-and-white to color; auto scene change detection that sends an alarm when the camera's lens is obstructed or the camera angle changed without authorization; auto tracking to follow an individual's movements within the camera's field of view; and adaptive digital noise reduction to minimize image streaking when viewing moving images.

JM: Crest Electronics Inc. has a very unique platform that is built into both our CDVS-7000 series of PC-based DVRs, as well as our CDR-4100 series embedded DVRs. By utilizing the same codec in the programming, users can now remotely access both styles of DVRs simultaneously. In other words, a corporation that has a need for PC-style DVRs at some locations and embedded DVRs at others can install these with confidence, and through the free remote software be able to simultaneously view live and recorded video from both DVR platforms. We also offer comprehensive multi-site management software that allows for the video from 64 different DVRs to be viewed simultaneously as well as mapping functions and event monitoring.

PN: With Pelco it starts with customer service. Our customers understand Pelco's commitment to service, and this does in fact make their job easier.