Product Showcase

Thermal, infrared and day/night cameras

Camera Surveys Long Distances-The Jalapeno LR+ from DRS Technologies provides color day video and 640x480 cooled thermal imaging on a pan/tilt for applications requiring long-range yet affordable surveillance. It can detect targets at distances of up to seven kilometers and uses its small pixel HotIR(tm) technology, which senses in the 3æm-5æm band.

Perimeter Detection-SightLogix Thermal SightSensor intelligent video cameras detect intrusions over large perimeters and outdoor areas in zero light and dynamic lighting situations. Additional capabilities include edge-based video analytics; GPS-based target tracking; and low nuisance alarm rates.

Quadruple the Lenses-Axis Communications' AXIS Q1921 and AXIS Q1921-E Thermal Network Cameras, feature enhanced resolution, full frame rate video (30fps) and four different lens alternatives to ensure improved image quality and detection range. The four available lens alternatives include 10 mm, 19 mm, 35 mm and 60 mm.

IR Filter Tackles Light Sensitivity-Bosch Security Systems' LTC 0465 Series Dinion Day/Night camera incorporates 10-bit digital signal processing and provide 540 TVL resolution. A mechanically switching infrared filter delivers improved sensitivity at night, and the internal through-the-lens detector enhances stability in low light by ensuring the camera remains in monochrome mode when IR illumination is dominant.

Search, Catch and Capture-Digital Ally's Thermal Ally camera features a system ideal for routine patrols; fugitive searches; locating evidence, disturbed surfaces and hidden compartments; accident investigations; and more. It features five image enhancing color palettes, a focus-free lens for fast acquisition and the ability to record images or output video.

For Outdoor Installation-The IK-WR12A two megapixel IP network dome camera from Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video features an IP66-rated, all-steel housing that safeguards it from both extreme weather conditions and vandalism. It is capable of outputting 1600 x 1200 color video and supporting dual streaming in MPEG4 and Motion JPEG standards at up to 30 frames-per-second.

Intensifier Owns the Night-Speco Technologies' Intensifier3(tm) series of day/night cameras includes presets which makes installation easier. Once inside the menu, simply select a situation such as outdoor, indoor or dark hallway; the camera will already be configured for the application.

Cameras for Multiple Application Installs-Arecont Vision's day/night 8-megapixel panoramic cameras, AV8185DN and AV8365DN, incorporates surface mount and in-ceiling mounting options and an IP66-rated environmental chassi needing no external housing. Both the AV8185DN and the AV8365DN have a two-axis gimbal, providing X-Y (pan-tilt) adjustment as well as 180 degree tilt and 360-degree pan rotation for easy alignment.