Integrated Systems

Securing the smart grid, mass notification preparedness with a healthcare focus and deploying a hybrid approach

Offering customers a full menu of transmission options also makes it relatively easy for integrators to expand the reach of the customer's network, regardless of the features of the environment or whether existing transmission lines are present. Specifying hybrid systems enables integrators to address the unique needs of every part of their customers' extended security system, whether it's within the campus, throughout the city or across the country.

Hybrid transmission systems are currently gaining significant traction with residential and campus security applications, due largely in part to the varied nature of the physical environment and the vast areas that need to be covered. However, with a hybrid transmission approach, the possibilities are endless. For example, imagine having the ability to send high quality, real-time video feeds from a camera mounted on the dashboard of a security car-over a 3G/4G cellular network. Or, a network of hundreds of cameras installed throughout a metropolitan city transmitting their signals securely over a public network-at the same level of quality and security normally associated with a LAN. It's happening now, which can only mean one thing: the future of hybrid transmission looks bright as ever.

Steve Kuntz is president of KBC Networks.