Advertorial - You're not the only one feeling somewhat overwelmed by the constantly changing security world.

Security executives and managers in many organizations are seeing their roles evolve as physical security systems and equipment migrate onto the corporate network. These new network-centric solutions await adoption into the mainstream. At the same time, security executives wrestle with replacing aging legacy systems, while concepts such as ROI, metrics, compliance, software as a service (SaaS), virtualization, and cloud computing, now take center stage.

There is a critical need to address the expanding integration of traditional and information security functions. Security executives understand that they must ensure that board and senior executives pay attention to critical security-related issues as they adopt an enterprise risk management approach to their jobs.

Our editors approached Anixter and asked them to provide our readers with an independent voice to answer some of their most pressing questions. Matt Powers, Anixter's Technical Director of Security Solutions, has been kind enough to expand on these hot security topics below. (Click here, or the image below to view PDF)

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