New ID solutions

Identity and credentialing advances with PIV-1

In all of these cases FIPS 201 builds on the international standards for digital certificates. This standard is supported by Windows and Apple, Adobe and just about every major IT or mobile player. In fact, the Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) in phones use the same type of chip as a PIV-I credential. The same is true for National ID and National Health cards which are rapidly increasing in acceptance.
ID solutions will increasingly leverage the PIV-I framework and supporting standards. PIV-I provides the policy for sponsorship, enrollment, registration, issuance and activation as well as the technology to support it. Done correctly it provides a strong, interoperable and multi-use digital identity. This is no longer an option for government or the enterprise (whether they choose to leverage PIV-I or not) so the same is true for logical and physical access control.

Salvatore D'Agostino is a Certified Smart Card Industry Professional (CSCIP) and CEO of IDmachines LLC; and