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No Getting Past This Access Control System-Dortronics Systems' 4700 Series mantraps offer secure interlock door control. Suitable for air locks or security mantraps, with up to four normally unlocked doors or three normally locked doors, the PLC is factory programmed and tested to permit only one door, in any defined area, to be unsecured at a time.

IP Smart Panels-The Xantech SmartPanel series feature IP connectivity and video integration and offer complete zone control via RS422/232, IR and GPIO trigger. The new units range in screen size from 3.5 inches to 10.1 inches. New model numbers include: SP35G; SP43G; SP43VIP; SP70G; SP70VIP; SP100G; and SP100VIP.

Compact Listening Solution-The 6010A Bi-Amplified Active Speaker from Genelec Custom Installation Systems is designed for computer sound systems and other close proximity listening applications requiring a low-profile speaker solution. It is magnetically shielded for use in environments where video monitors are in close proximity.

Installers Get Comfortable with This Tool-Platinum Tools' JackAX(tm) 110 Termination Tool design ensures 110 jacks are properly terminated eliminating common NEXT and FEXT failures. Engineered for ease of use, including applications inside walls and junction boxes, the blade is securely held in place with simple screw and it weighs in at only 10.9 ounces. The JackAX comes available as the tool only, with a 110 EZ-Data blade, or with a standard 110 PDT blade.

Total Home Control-Lutron's HomeWorks QS provides increased energy savings, is easier to install and program, and features greater integration capabilities than before, including lights, shades, HVAC and appliances. It can control up to 10,000 zones via local wireless, centralized or hybrid system designs.

Lockers Store More Than Just Keys-A three-cabinet suite SmartKey(r) Asset Control Locker System from Morse Watchmans is controlled by a single console and access to the modules is gained by entering an authorized code on the keypad. Up to 2,000 codes can be programmed, or, alternatively, the system can be designed for access by identification access cards or by biometric fingerprints.

Partnership Creates Enterprise Storage Solutions-Aberdeen LLC integrated the NexentaStor software, a ZFS-based enterprise grade storage platform from Nexenta Systems, with its complete line of AberSAN Z-Series unified storage servers, creating the integrated AberSAN Z20. By bundling NexentaStor software on Aberdeen's scalable AberSAN Z-Series unified storage servers, businesses have access to an enterprise-level, highly-available storage appliance.

Audio Solutions Cross-Country-Onkyo audio solutions, a full line of A/V components and home theater systems, are now available at all ADI branches. The complete product offering includes: receivers; home theater systems; Blu-ray players; DVD players; amplifiers; tuners; speakers; subwoofers; remote interactive docks for iPod; CD players; accessories; and more.

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