Security Watch: ASIS does Dallas right

Record crowds gather for education and networking

You could hear a pin drop as Captain Sullenberger played for the audience at the ASIS Keynote Speaker Session a NTSB voice transcript of the communication between the U.S. Air Force Academy graduate/veteran pilot Captain Sullenberger and air traffic controllers as the packed audience watched a recreated graphic of the flight path of the Airbus A320 bound from New York's LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte, N.C.

Packed with 155 passengers, the jet hit a flock of birds shortly after takeoff, disabling both engines. Quickly and with resolve, Captain Sullenberger knew almost immediately that his life's aspirations to become a pilot would be tested that day as never before and the decision to ditch the plane into the Hudson was the only choice to try to save the plane crowded with business travelers.

In a talk that was both heart wrenching and inspirational, Captain Sullenberger treated the audience to an inside look at what happened that day on January 15, 2009 and how it changed his life forever, thrusting him into the media spotlight and making him a hero across every continent.

"In retrospect," Sullenberger said, "my crew and I did our jobs exceptionally well-we came up with a plan in a matter of seconds. I was an ordinary person who found himself in extraordinary circumstances," he said. He had some 20,000 hours of flight time logged and decades of experience.

Sullenberger said he thought that what really captured the imagination of the world with this story was that it came at a time when people really needed a reason to be hopeful again; the emergency landing was seen as a life-affirming incident. He said since that day he has received thousands of letters, one with five single dollars and a note that read: 'Have a beer on me Sully.'

Captain Sully told of his childhood, his lifelong desire to become a pilot and who he looks to for inspiration-the nation's Medal of Honor recipients, 26 of 87 who are still living."Courage may be having the discipline to know what to do in spite of fear."

He spoke of the value of education, of being a lifelong learner, of having aspirations and operating with civic duty. "Dedication matters and requires discipline. Integrity means doing the right thing even if it's not convenient. You all have an opportunity to be a leader, to be a teammate, to make a difference. Ask yourself: 'did I make a difference?' and hopefully the answer is 'yes.'"

Accolades Program Recognizes Innovative Solutions

ASIS International presented its 2010 Accolades winners at the annual conference. ASIS Accolades is an awards competition that recognizes the security industry's most innovative new products, services and solutions.

A team of judges representing end-users and experts in security technologies evaluated more than 70 entries before selecting the 10 winners. ASIS Accolades are solutions oriented, not product specific.

"This year's program was very competitive, as entrants continue to push the envelope in their respective disciplines," observed Accolades Co-Chair Ron Lander CPP. "In particular, video surveillance performance is advancing at a rapid pace, offering enhanced analytics functionality and better resolution."

Here's who won:

- Cisco IP Interoperability Collaboration System (IPICS) 4.0
- Cogent Systems Inc., MiY-ID
- Cross Match Technologies SEEK II with MOBS and Matching
- Dedicated Micros Closed IPTV
- Firetide IVS-100 MIMO
- FLIR Systems Inc. ChromaNox Color IP Night Vision Cameras
- Infinova V2216 Analog/Digital Coexistence VMS
- Laipac Technology S-911 Bracelet Locator
- Next Level Security Systems NLSS Gateway
- Sarnoff Corporation VerifIR