Product showcase

Communication Over LAN or WAN-The FPA-1000-UL Analog/Addressable Fire Panel from Bosch Security Systems includes built-in Bosch Conettix IP technology for communicating over local or wide area networks for faster alarm reporting. The panel also alerts users to the presence of carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases.

Incident Notification System-Everbridge's Aware is an emergency notification system that allows clients to quickly send mass notifications via e-mail, SMS, pager, fax, landlines and cell phones via text-to-speech or recorded messages. The Aware emergency notification system contacts individuals based on their preferences and stops sending messages after a recipient confirms receipt.

IP-Enabled Warning Device-Federal Signal's Informer(tm)-IP is an indoor warning device for schools, hospitals, police/fire stations, government facilities and industrial plants. Informer-IP supports a full scope of indoor warning and two-way intercom communications, and offers Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity on Federal Signal's Codespear interoperable communications system.

MNS Alerts Through Social Networks-The AtHoc IWSAlerts(tm) mass notification solution now has the capability to monitor and send alerts through popular social networking channels. Upon publishing an alert, the operator is able to select the social network to which the alert would be delivered.

Patient Security Software-Stanley Healthcare Solutions offers software for its Patient Security suite of products: the Hugs(r) infant protection system; Pedz(tm) pediatric protection system; and Passport(tm) patient protection system. This consists of the Patient Security Server 6 and related application software: Hugs 6.2, Pedz 1.6 and Passport 1.1.

A Direct Approach to Patient Monitoring-Medical Alarm Concepts Holding offers MediMonitoring(tm), a total system solution for the home healthcare/hospital industry. This integrated software and hardware package enables healthcare to provide their own monitoring services to their patients or at-home clients and provides for direct rapid notification by modern messaging techniques.

Video Monitoring Via Digital Picture Frame-LiveLine's LiveView Monitor Frames work as an IP monitor for your LiveLine cameras-accessed via Wi-Fi with no added fee-just log in to your LiveLine account and start viewing. Each monitor comes with a 1 GB of memory and has the standard USB flash and SD drives.

Fire and Freeze Detection-FireEar's FE-1100 Monitor and Alert System provides four-way protection from fire, indoor freeze, power outage and temperature damage by relaying instantaneous alerts via e-mail, text and phone, helping prevent possible loss when away from a residence. It comes equipped with wireless features to work with pre-existing smoke detectors, eliminating installation fees.

Alerting Capabilities with iPhone App-Send Word Now's iPhone application provides an additional custom-built interface, allowing administrators to directly send voice alerts to mobile and landline phones as well as text alerts via SMS. The application will track alerts from initiation to response, direct on the phone's interface.

IP-Enabled, Integrated MNS-ATI Systems offers it Emergency Warning and Notification Software, EWNS.Net, which enables system operators to instantly alert and inform the public of what to do before, during and after an emergency or disaster. It features multiple site-map views with field unit locations identified by color-coded icons and authenticated remote access over a LAN or the Internet.

Website Discusses All Aspects of ECS-Honeywell Life Safety has launched a new Website to provide visitors with current information on all aspects of Emergency Communications Systems (ECS) and Mass Notification Systems (MNS). Significant solutions are provided on

Safety Communications Toolkit-Omnilert(r), maker of e2Campus(r), now offers the e2Campus 360 Safety Suite, comprised of uENS (a unified emergency notification system for education); uTip (a crime fighting tool); uConference (a crisis collaboration service); uSafe (a mobile application that connects at-risk students and staff with campus police or school safety escorts); and the Multimodal Showcase.

Real-Time Emergency LED Display Notification-Inova OnAlert(tm) is a notification system that displays real-time emergency messages on energy-efficient digital signs. A locally-hosted messaging Website is included with the Inova OnAlert system and it functions as a backup system in the event of a malfunction in the centralized emergency notification system.

Command and Manage Life Safety, Fire and Security-ADT(r) Clear Warning(tm) mass notification emergency communication (MNEC) system can provide intelligible and actionable emergency information to affected public, both indoors and out. It uses a highly intuitive software application that guides the command and control unit and prioritizes events to determine the most relevant information.

Emergency Communications Digital IP Platform-Notifier's ONYXWorks(tm) workstation enables users to distribute live audio messages digitally via its NOTIFY-IP(tm) Internet gateway to local, regional, national and even international facilities. During an emergency, NOTIFY-IP's intuitive screen commands make the activation of emergency communications to desired paging locations simple.

Complete In-Building MNS-The SAFEPATH MNS (SPMNS) from Cooper Notification integrates with a facility's addressable fire alarm system (FAS)to provide both fire alarm and emergency communications signaling functions. UL 2572 and NFPA 72 2010 code-compliant, it provides personnel and building occupants with intelligible live and pre-recorded voice messages that communicate exactly what to do in response to an emergency or disaster.

React Right with This System-The REACT integration with Honeywell's powerful Pro-Watch(r) security management system provides instant, reliable communication of security events to first responders, staff and personnel outside the organization. Targeted communications can be sent to desktops, public displays, cellular telephones, traditional hardline telephones or via e-mail to ensure that each audience receives the information relevant to them.

Fire Alarm and MNS Combo-In addition to providing fire alarm protection, the E3 Series from Gamewell-FCI also functions as a robust mass notification system via several new functions, including a Local Operating Console; back-lit signage; high-threat switches; amber strobes; specialized speakers; and voice equipment. An intuitive software interface allows authorized users to direct pre-recorded or live voice notifications to zoned outdoor areas through the wide area system with the touch of a button.

Expanded Event Notification-MIR3 Inc.'s version 2.19 of its Intelligent Notification platform for its inEnterprise(tm) family of products allows companies to seamlessly communicate important information related to business operations, disaster recovery and IT service management. It provides an automated, two-way notification system to speed critical decisions, reduce operational downtime and ensure service level agreements are satisfied.