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Emergency communications & mass notification

Communication Over LAN or WAN-The FPA-1000-UL Analog/Addressable Fire Panel from Bosch Security Systems includes built-in Bosch Conettix IP technology for communicating over local or wide area networks for faster alarm reporting. The panel also alerts users to the presence of carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases.

Incident Notification System-Everbridge's Aware is an emergency notification system that allows clients to quickly send mass notifications via e-mail, SMS, pager, fax, landlines and cell phones via text-to-speech or recorded messages. The Aware emergency notification system contacts individuals based on their preferences and stops sending messages after a recipient confirms receipt.

IP-Enabled Warning Device-Federal Signal's Informer(tm)-IP is an indoor warning device for schools, hospitals, police/fire stations, government facilities and industrial plants. Informer-IP supports a full scope of indoor warning and two-way intercom communications, and offers Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity on Federal Signal's Codespear interoperable communications system.

MNS Alerts Through Social Networks-The AtHoc IWSAlerts(tm) mass notification solution now has the capability to monitor and send alerts through popular social networking channels. Upon publishing an alert, the operator is able to select the social network to which the alert would be delivered.

Patient Security Software-Stanley Healthcare Solutions offers software for its Patient Security suite of products: the Hugs(r) infant protection system; Pedz(tm) pediatric protection system; and Passport(tm) patient protection system. This consists of the Patient Security Server 6 and related application software: Hugs 6.2, Pedz 1.6 and Passport 1.1.

A Direct Approach to Patient Monitoring-Medical Alarm Concepts Holding offers MediMonitoring(tm), a total system solution for the home healthcare/hospital industry. This integrated software and hardware package enables healthcare to provide their own monitoring services to their patients or at-home clients and provides for direct rapid notification by modern messaging techniques.

Video Monitoring Via Digital Picture Frame-LiveLine's LiveView Monitor Frames work as an IP monitor for your LiveLine cameras-accessed via Wi-Fi with no added fee-just log in to your LiveLine account and start viewing. Each monitor comes with a 1 GB of memory and has the standard USB flash and SD drives.

Fire and Freeze Detection-FireEar's FE-1100 Monitor and Alert System provides four-way protection from fire, indoor freeze, power outage and temperature damage by relaying instantaneous alerts via e-mail, text and phone, helping prevent possible loss when away from a residence. It comes equipped with wireless features to work with pre-existing smoke detectors, eliminating installation fees.

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