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X-Ray & explosives detection technology, identification technologies & accessories and access control readers

X-Ray & Explosives Detection Technology

Particle & Vapor Analysis

Smiths Detection's IONSCAN 500DT (pictured) and Multi-Mode Threat Detectors (MMTD) are being used to check hand luggage for traces of explosives immediately before passengers board flights heading to the United States. The detectors, one desktop and the other hand-held, provide particle and vapor analysis by using Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology, detecting both explosives and narcotics from a single sample. Rugged design and portability enable the systems to be moved easily to different boarding areas.
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X-Ray Diffraction-Based EDS

Morpho Detection Inc.'s XRD 3500 X-ray Diffraction-based explosives detection system (EDS) can accurately distinguish explosives from non-threat materials in luggage without the need to open the bag or remove its contents. The unit's low false alarm rate results in a simplified inspection process. The technology identifies materials based on their molecular composition, not densities or other less distinctive characteristics. As a result, the unit can identify potentially threatening substances in many forms, including powders, solids and liquids. The device recently passed testing to meet European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3 technical specifications, the requirement for complying with the European Union's Standard 3 for hold baggage screening.
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Nuclear/Radiological Material Detection

The ORTEC Products Group of AMETEK Advanced Measurement has released ORTEC Detective Mobile, an intelligent, modular solution for nuclear and radiological material detection, identification and mapping. The system incorporates both high-purity Germanium detectors and advanced software analysis technology to provide highly reliable, stand-off detection of improvised nuclear or nuclear dispersal devices (IND/RDD). The system offers real-time radionuclide detection and identification through the use of portable Interchangeable Detector Modules (IDMs) that act as intelligent "detector nodes," supplying streams of data to a central analysis computer. Suspected materials are identified and displayed in real time on a moving map.
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Bottled Liquid Screening

ICx Technologies Inc.'s Fido ClearPoint is designed to tackle the challenges of screening bottled liquids in the pressure-filled, fast-paced environment of airport security checkpoints by rapidly and accurately identifying suspicious liquids through their containers. The unit's innovative design makes it easy for containers of various sizes and shapes to be efficiently sampled without having to open them. The technology is optimized to reduce false alarm rates and provide prompt, accurate identification of any suspicious liquids that might be a threat to passenger safety.
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Body Imaging Systems

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