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X-Ray & explosives detection technology, identification technologies & accessories and access control readers

Quintron's multimedia Automated Badge Issuance and Information Kiosk (ABIIK) issues a PVC-based badge with magnetic stripe, proximity or smart card identification/access technologies without staff intervention. Individuals seeking access enter their social security number and provide unique biometric information. An access control computer sends the original biometric enrollment data to the kiosk, where the data is compared. If a match has been determined, the kiosk issues a badge to the user. The kiosk operates in a stand-alone or network mode allowing for connection to databases or security systems.
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Retransfer Printer/Laser Engraving Combo

The EDIsecure Laser Color Personalization System (LCP 9000) from Digital Identification Solutions is ideal for high-secure corporate and government applications. It integrates the advantages of high-quality XID Retransfer color printing and secure laser engraving on a single card in a one-step process. The system can produce high-security features such as: on-demand personalization of data as micro text, CLI and MLI, tactile effects, high resolution gradient UV printing, electronic guilloche, and IPI (Invisible Personal Information), making credential forgery and manipulation impossible.
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Photo Capture Camera for ID Badges

Keyscan Inc.'s USB-CAM is designed for use at ID badge photo capture stations. Fully integrating with the supplier's Photo Identification (K-BADGE) and Visitor Management (K-VIS) modules, the camera enables users to capture photos directly from the supplier's software, saving time searching for files. The camera features a CCD sensor to provide optimal image quality, a flexible gooseneck arm for easy camera control, and camera video feed and power are provided through a 2.0 USB. TWAIN-compliant software drivers make installation and setup easy.
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Retransfer Card Printers

Datacard Group's SR200 and SR300 (pictured) retransfer card printers are designed for full-color, over-the-edge printing in single- or dual-sided applications. The SR200 is ideal for single-sided applications; and the SR300 offers dual-sided printing and also encodes smart card chips and magnetic stripes. The optional laminator can apply the supplier's topcoats or laminates to help extend card life and strengthen card security. Both printers protect cards and ribbons with electronic locks, and a security erase feature blocks out black text on used ribbons to obscure cardholder data.
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Reverse Transfer Printer

The Magicard Prima 4 reverse-transfer printer from Ultra Electronics is designed for the personalization of contactless or dual-interface cards, where card surfaces may vary in flatness and/or composition. Key features of the printer include: a robust and reliable print engine, capable of printing large card volumes; built-in Ethernet and USB 2.0; a range of add-in contact chip, contactless chip and magnetic encoding options; built-in bend remedy; and an inline laminator. The printer is available in both single and double-sided versions.
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Access Control Readers

Mid-Range Keypad Prox Reader