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X-Ray & explosives detection technology, identification technologies & accessories and access control readers

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies' Schlage SXF2110P-K mid-range keypad/proximity card reader is ideal for applications using legacy proximity systems in which end-users wish to incorporate two-step verification to gain access. Operating at 125 kHz, the up to six-inch (15.24 cm) read range reader conveniently integrates into existing proximity-based access control systems and is compatible with most popular proximity credentials. The readers feature potted electronics and circuitry for protection against inclement weather.
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Smart Card Reader

Gemalto's PROX DU smart card reader for physical and logical access control makes it convenient to securely access a host of applications using both contactless and contact technologies with a single device - including employee corporate badge, electronic identity and healthcare. The unit features a sleek, lightweight design and runs on native Windows OS drivers. It requires no additional software installation for the end-user, and the unit is implemented by simply plugging the device into a USB port.
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Proximity Reader

Essex Electronics' RoxProx proximity reader is built for tough environments. The extreme duty, weatherproof (IP66 Rated) reader features a modern professional design, stainless steel construction, epoxy encapsulated electronics and Genuine HID Technology. It is is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The unit reads HID 125kHz proximity cards and fobs (up to 91 bits) with up to 2-inch read range. Mullion mount and single gang versions are available for either flush or surface mount installations.
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Mid-Range Proximity Reader

The P-710 Andes Proximity Reader from Farpointe Data is the newest member of the supplier's Pyramid Series Proximity line of access control readers, cards and tags. Operating from 5 to 14 VDC, the medium-range reader features a read range of up to 15 inches (380 mm). Its one-piece design is intended to be mounted to metal or plastic U.S. single gang boxes, as well as any non-metallic flat surface. The unit is fully potted, providing for either indoor or outdoor installation, and includes both Wiegand and magnetic stripe outputs, making it compatible with all standard access control systems.
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Mobile FIPS 201 PIV II Reader

Codebench Inc. has partnered with Cross Match Technologies Inc., to offer a mobile solution for the validation and registration of FIPS 201 PIV II-compliant credentials. Codebench's PIVCheck software suite - an end-to-end card validation, authentication and registration solution for HSPD-12 compliance - is now integrated with Cross Match's Be.U Mobile rugged handheld reader (pictured). The mobile biometric scanner is designed for rapid mobile fingerprint capture and smart card authentication and features an integrated LCD graphic display that delivers high quality images in the field for rapid verification of subjects' identities.
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Intelligent Magnetic Stripe Reader

The RF IDeas pcSwipe intelligent magnetic stripe card reader is a solution for end-users wanting to leverage their existing base of magnetic stripe card-carrying personnel. The reader is compatible with the billions of magnetic stripe cards in circulation worldwide. In addition to numerous flush mounting options, key features include bi-directional swiping capability and fast swipe speeds for maximum usability. The reader can be used as a standalone system, or it can be integrated with other software applications using the optional software developer's kit (SDK).
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Fingerprint/Smart Card Reader