Management system rises to airport security challenge

Mineta San Jose Airport enhances security with intelligent operations platform

Because of the project management challenges presented by the airport's schedule, Dinger and ID Consulting Solutions also had to be in constant communication with airport operations officials to ensure that the system exactly matched the airport's needs before the project was completed. The needs of stakeholders from airport operations to U.S. Customs and Border Protection to TSA also needed to be taken into consideration.

"Call backs for additional work on the system in this type of environment are very challenging," Dinger says. "It's paramount for us to get the project completed correctly the first time."

ID Consulting's technical expertise in transportation settings, along with the company's integration and design/build expertise has also resulted in the successful completion of a similar project at the city of Boise, Idaho's main airport (BOI). In addition to facing similar constraints due to the airport's ongoing operations, ID Consulting Solutions had to stay current with rapidly evolving airport security requirements from TSA during BOI's terminal expansion program. That project included the installation of a massive CCTV system that also integrated with BOI's access control software.

Continued Expansion

San Jose airport officials are already investigating integrating other building and life safety functions into the iSOC - such as fire alarms and building controls - for overall building management using a single interface. The deployment of video analytics in certain terminal areas is also being explored, as well as in the monitoring of departures and landings during the airport's overnight curfew hours.

"They are using the iSOC just as we intended - not as an isolated system, but as a flexible solution for improving security and operations, as well as creating an additional value added for the many different system 'customers' who are a part of what is needed to make the airport run successfully every day," says Eli Gorovici, president and CEO of DVTel.

Like San Jose, many transportation venues with significant investments in analog camera systems are looking to upgrade and expand surveillance networks to meet the needs of expanding facilities. With the deployment of a flexible, intuitive video management system that easily accommodated the airport's legacy Pelco cameras, San Jose was able to expand the current capabilities of their security operations by seamlessly integrating additional functions, such as access control, into the airport's main operations control center.