Smart Cards Control Campus Activities

One Credential—Many Functions

“It has been our long-standing strategy to provide customers with multiple card technology choices and price points for use with our iCLASS and Prox card readers,” states Jim Colleran, HID's product manager for credential technologies. “These new iCLASS Clamshell Cards demonstrate our ongoing commitment to deliver value-priced credentials for those customers implementing contactless smart cards for access control.”

FreedomPay's online hosted network now integrates fully with the read/write capability of HID's iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology. Jim Ellis, FreedomPay's SVP, comments, “The FreedomPay cashless application, when coupled with the iCLASS card, allows employees and students to link funds directly to their iCLASS card. The solution offers speed of service and convenience, including a higher level of fraud protection and authentication that is not seen in other ID technologies.”

The combination of FreedomPay's cashless network with HID's iCLASS technology illustrates how convenience and security come together to create clearly identifiable benefits. For more information, visit