IP Case in Point: Wireless to the Rescue

Installation solves unique challenges for City of Savannah in time for its St. Patrick's Day celebration

The wireless surveillance system designed for the City of Savannah was in place within one week. It was considered a great success and enabled local police, emergency personnel and public safety officials to provide increased security for the visitors and citizens celebrating in the historic city and its streets. Ultimately, the wireless mesh network provided an affordable solution that did not require large-scale cabling through old city streets; it provided a flexible and scalable solution that could be implemented and deployed within their time constraints; and it provided city officials the ability to access surveillance remotely and quickly.


Moving Forward With Wireless Surveillance

The St. Patrick's Day installation was initially developed as a quick, temporary solution to accommodate the surveillance of a large influx of people into a small city center under varying physical conditions. However, because officials chose a wireless mesh network, they had the option of expanding the surveillance project to accommodate their long-term needs. The scalability, combined with the success of the St. Patrick's Day installation, prompted city officials to deem the wireless surveillance operation a permanent part of the City's ongoing surveillance efforts. Since the city's most recent installation, officials have agreed to add even more cameras to the historic Riverwalk area as determined by public safety needs.

The City of Savannah will continue to use wireless networks in expanded phases throughout the city. Its long-term goals are to leverage the power of the network beyond traditional policing and into other environments including schools, community centers, and local ports. The ease of connectivity and scalability offered by Axis' network cameras with a mobile mesh network will allow the City of Savannah to become a more mobile government, allowing officials to easily adjust to the growing needs of citizens.


About the author: Fredrik Nilsson is general manager of Axis Communications, a provider of IP-based network video solutions that include network cameras and video servers for remote monitoring and security surveillance.