Integrated Systems: Converged Solutions Make for Happy Customers

Pave the way to improved security, streamlined maintenance and reduced IT costs

High Quality Structured Cabling Components: Most network system failures can be traced to less than reliable infrastructure components. Work with qualified vendors and certified installers to specify an integrated, end-to-end structured cabling system and to ensure that each system within the converged building system complies with all applicable codes, regulations and standards.

In today’s world, data rates will continue to increase. At the same time, the workforce is becoming more mobile, security threats are growing more serious, environmental issues continue to expand and operational costs continue to rise. For many enterprise networks, IP convergence can provide a powerful tool in battling these market realities to reduce costs, gain measurable efficiencies and business value, and, ultimately, realize a favorable return on the technology investment.

About the author: Joshua M. Dixon, CPIM, is vertical marketing manager for Video, Sound and Security for Belden Americas Division. For more information, visit Belden at