Dealer Profile: Dolce&Gabbana Gives Products and Security the Best Light

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have made a trademark of their surnames, known throughout the world by the D&G moniker. A Dolce&Gabbana retail store is a star in its own rights—vast expanses of windows, glass display cases, wide aisles and other...

The store’s loss prevention staff uses the cameras to observe live video and review past incidents. Cameras are integrated into the store’s burglar alarm system and monitor video on alarm. This system ensures that the cameras record activity even when the store is closed.

Though primarily installed for loss prevention, the cameras also play an important role in managing day-to-day activities. The store manager observes the activities of the sales team on and off the sales floor, while corporate uses the cameras to remotely review compliance to merchandise presentation standards.

Here’s what WG Security products installed at the Dolce&Gabbanna store:

  • 13 Clinton CE-955-CAM-WD color dome cameras in black
  • Pixim’s Digital Pixel System technology embedded in cameras
  • 1 ClickIt 32-channel DVR

Some retailers want everyone to know they are being monitored and recorded. This knowledge can be a huge crime deterrent. Typically, these merchants will benefit from public view monitors and larger, more obvious cameras. However, other retailers (typically high-end stores like Dolce&Gabbana highlighted in this case study) prefer discreet systems. They understand the need for video, but do not want to remind their customers of it unless absolutely necessary.

About the author: Tracey Hups is the manager of Worldwide Marketing for Pixim Inc., Mountain View, Calif.