RMR on the horizon

Remote monitoring-the tool that sells

According to Hevia, no dealer is too small or large to make remote video monitoring part of their business. "It's scalable from one to hundreds of applications. For businesses, it becomes a remote management tool that can also provide real-time video on cell phones or any computer. And video it gives us a qualitative measure. It takes security to a whole new level," he said.

Dimitry Boss, president of Boss Security Systems, Hillsdale, N.J., said the selling points to him came down to convenience and cost savings. "We no longer have our crews pulling wire through homes or businesses in order for us to receive the benefits of video," Boss said.

Remote monitoring brings a bright future for security dealers who seek opportunity without boundaries. RMR in video represents the leading edge for those who can see now that security is much more than openings and closings.


Alarm.com will debut their EmPower product offering in the coming months. EmPower is an energy management and automation offering which is a single platform that the customer can choose to leverage now or in the future. "So if a customer just wants security right now but decides to upgrade to home automation features a year down the road, the dealer can activate it as part of the same platform-eliminating the need for the consumer to deal with having separate systems that are not communicating with each other and that are not integrated in any way."-Alison Slavin, Alarm.com