Critical Components of Access Control Design

Specialized products make for tailored systems


Frequently a site will have special security requirements where optional accessories are needed. Securitron’s optional patented Senstat feature provides true lock status sensing. In many electrically controlled door security systems, status sensing is provided by a magnetic switch on the door itself. This indicates the door is closed but not necessarily secured. Securitron’s Senstat monitors the lock rather than the door and therefore provides higher security.

As of the beginning of 2007, the Senstat option is now replaced by a new and improved BondSTAT magnetic bond sensor. This feature is the next generation of electromagnetic lock monitoring technology from Securitron. Most typical door position switches indicate whether or not a door is closed. BondSTAT takes this type of monitoring to the next level and notifies your access control or alarm system that the door is accurately secure.

BondSTAT’s magnetic field monitors the entire surface of the armature, not just the center or corner. Either in vertical or horizontal position the BondSTAT is secure when the armature is within a lock tolerance of >95% lock voltage present. When the established lock tolerance is compromised the armature will recognize that the Magnalock is no longer secured. Any variation in the armatures position beyond the established installation perimeters will initiate a signal indicating the Magnalock is not generating at its full holding potential. This next generation of monitoring is essential for installations where security is of the utmost importance and is preferred by prisons and detention facilities.
BondSTAT delivers superior Magnalock monitoring capability for unparalleled security and peace of mind. The BondSTAT magnetic bond sensor is now available on most popular Magnalock models to include the M32/M34R/M62/M82 and SAM.


Dortronics EZ-Access Control System is a Door/Gate Control with Audit Trail, ideally suited for two independent doors with one reader each, or one door with two readers for In/Out control. For full system functionality, secured EZ-Prox cards, key fobs or the Dortronics #8160xWG heavy-duty keypad can be used to gain access.
EZ-Access users can easily be programmed into or out of the system using a programming card or master code entered by the keypad, without the need for a computer or complicated software. With Dortronics’ EZ-Access Control System, text file history reports are viewed with standard computer programs such as Notepad or Excel, and audit trails are easily downloadable with the EZ-Logger software provided.

The 2-door controller is equipped with two heavy-duty SPDT 10 amp relays, one for each controlled door or gate. For added versatility, a 5 VDC output and a 12 VDC output can each be used to trigger external relays for CCTV, etc. The EZ-Access door controller has a capacity for 2,000 active card holders. This 26-bit Wiegand compatible system is also ideal for exterior doors or gates.


Dreaming of selling that 1,000 door system? The fact is that many access control systems are limited to the number of doors you can protect. Some systems start as one or two doors. They grow as your customer’s company grows or their realization of the value of access control matures. They have complete trust in you as their dealer at this point. Manufacturers therefore offer products packaged with the beginner and future expansion in mind. The best way to approach any project is to specify a product that has the ability to grow.
Kantech Access Control Starter and Expansion Kits make it easy for the first time system and also enable the access control system to grow. Kantech benefits any size organization in ways such as the following:

• Save money by avoiding the need to re-key a facility every time an employee or tenant leaves.

• Improve bottom line with better employee performance and punctuality by tracking time and attendance.

• Reduce workplace hazards and enhance safety by keeping unauthorized personnel out.

Kantech Access Control Starter Kits include components required to build an effective and reliable access control system. Kantech Expansion Kits provide all of the necessary equipment to expand a Kantech access control system by up to two doors.

A means of indicating the locked/unlocked or secure mode is helpful in many installations. For example, visual indication allows guards to perform quick perimeter checks without needing to physically test each door. For high traffic access controlled doors, visual indication is helpful for individuals to know their credential has been accepted and the door will open for them. Since maglocks do not make any noise when they unlock, individuals might experience “face plant,” a term used to describe when a person plows into a locked door thinking it is unlocked.

Dortronics #7201 Door Status High Intensity LED Indicators can be clearly seen in virtually any lighting condition, including bright sunlight, and are also easily viewed from off-center angles. The new 7201 Series High Intensity LED Indicators are available in a variety of configurations for outdoor and indoor use. Outdoor applications utilize weatherproof High Intensity LEDs mounted on a gasketed plate for harsh exterior environments. Basic units feature high intensity red and green LEDs on a single panel and are designed to easily mount in a standard electrical box enclosure. The 7201 Series High Intensity LED Indicators will interface with virtually any type of access control reader or proximity device to convey door security status to system users or security personnel. The units can also be ordered in multiple configurations with key switches for specialized access control applications.