Critical Components of Access Control Design

Specialized products make for tailored systems


Whether a door has a keyed lock; a standalone or even a network based card reader, local door monitoring and annunciation may become necessary. A propped door alarm indicates when a door has been left open, propped open or forced, and depending on the type of propped door unit; interface with building systems, or provide local alarm indication. Dortronics System’s 7286-PT Series Door Prop Alarms are programmable for custom configurations, can be easily integrated with card access systems and feature local and remote audible alarms.
The 7286-PT Series Door Prop Alarms provide power to the electronic locking device and the mirrored door switch output. Responding to an authorized request for an access signal from the card access control, the 7286 unlocks the door.

After the allotted door open time has expired, a local warning tone begins to remind the user to close the door. If the door is not closed before the end of the warning period, then the door prop alarm sequence is activated and a steady alarm alert is emitted.

The door “open” time can be preset from 5 seconds to 90 minutes and the local warning tone can be preset from 0 seconds to 5 minutes.

The alarm can be reset automatically or manually by key switch, a card access system, or Dortronics’ 7600 Series annunciator/controller. In the automatic reset mode, the alarm will be silenced by simply re-securing the door, or upon expiration of the “reset” time delay. In addition to the optional reset key switch, a push button with momentary switch contacts is available to provide an REX signal to an access control system.

The 7286-PT Series is also supplied with LEDs for indication of Door Secured, Authorized Unlock, Door Open and Door Held Open. This device is easily interfaced with stand alone or computerized access control systems as well as the Dortronics 7600 Series Annunciator/Controllers without the need for additional relays or complex computer programming of the card access system. The 7286-PT Series Door Prop Alarm is available in single or double gang wall plate designs.


Power is the blood and power supplies are the heart of component access control systems. The power supply will energize the locking device(s); power the card reader and controller electronics, and interface with fire and life safety systems. Therefore selecting the proper power supply is a critical step in the access control system design process. New products and resources are being introduced to assist in this process.

Honeywell Power Product’s HP400ULACM4 and HP600ULACM8 power supplies are designed for access systems requiring independent lock control. Activated from a card reader, keypad, push button, or PIR; outputs power locks, strikes, door holders, and other access devices. A fire alarm control panel interface can trigger emergency exit, HVAC shutdown, elevator recall or other auxiliary devices. These power supplies feature a larger enclosure for easy wiring, LED diagnostic indicators, supervisory contacts, and a battery charger.