Leaders in Perimeter Protection: An Exclusive Security Dealer Roundtable

Panelists discuss outdoor protection technology advances and applications

When integrated as part of a total solution, the addition of outdoor perimeter protection is a minimal cost, especially where other outdoor solutions (CCTV, access, etc.) are being utilized and installation costs can be combined, or when using wireless solutions to minimize labor costs. Also, by providing outdoor solutions you may actually be able to reduce the amount/type of other detection that is used, exchanging interior protection for exterior protection (a photobeam across a row of bay doors, rather then contacting each door individually) or replacing multiple fixed CCTV cameras with a single PTZ camera (using less-expensive motion detectors to cover multiple areas and triggering presets on the PTZ). The best solution for any system is on that it protects the assets of concern and more, if possible. But when working on a budget, be sure to focus first on what the end user wants protected, and offer additional protection as an option.

Tracy : The addition of perimeter security moves the “Front Line” of the installation outside of the actual protected area (and in many situations prevents a break-in at the structure itself). This allows for a less elaborate interior detection setup in the interior, therefore allowing overall install cost to ideally remain the same.

Brady: Describe some of the unique new applications that are coming online or are in the future design phase which dealers should be capitalizing on.

Evenson: Most manufacturers will agree that all outdoor sensor technologies benefit from some form of visual assessment such as CCTV. Fortunately, economies of scale have driven the costs for these subsystems down to the point where they have become affordable even for outdoor use. At risk users have an increasing need to accurately locate, image and archive intrusion events via video for more targeted, quicker, up close assessment and response and for evidentiary archiving of the intruder images. Just like in the real estate business, the newest name of the game in outdoor sensors today is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Outdoor sensor products can now accurately locate and pinpoint an intruder and can then swiftly direct CCTV cameras to these very small sections of the fence (as small as 10 to 75 feet) for high resolution assessment. Virtual, software defined “zones” are now here!

Buth: Solar powered perimeter photoelectric beam systems and solar tower product improvements make for an improved product offering today. New towers disguise smaller photoelectric beams so they are not noticed and do not detract from the general surroundings. Combination photoelectric beam and microwave sensors perform well in all weather conditions including rain, snow and even dense fog.

Simmons: Interactive video monitoring is definitely the future of outdoor protection, especially as a guard augmentation or replacement solution. Utilizing off-site operators to monitor a site via an integrated CCTV and outdoor perimeter detection system gives the end user the best of all possible worlds, at a considerable cost savings from traditional protection methods.

Tracy : The photo beams can be used by integrating cameras to see the line of sight during an alarm. New technology has come out where you can wire a camera using the existing photo beam wire so you can monitor the photo beam line of sight—no coax needed to for the camera.