Are you ready to outsource?

Why outsourcing video surveillance is a smart business strategy

- What is the core competency of the partner you are considering? Is it monitoring, hosting or both?
- What is the guaranteed uptime and availability of the system? What is its redundancy?
- What other customers does the provider support and will they provide references?
- How scalable is the provider's system - i.e. number of video streams and customers currently being monitored and the future capacity of their system?

Changing the Way Security Operates

Hosted video services and central monitoring are already beginning to change the way video surveillance is implemented and managed. By outsourcing these elements, security departments will be able to spend more time on the core competencies that add value to the companies they serve.

And by better managing the finances of the company, reducing capital expenditures and moving more costs to the operations side of the equation, many organizations can get through these tough economic times with increased profitability.

Fredrik Nilsson is General Manager of the Americas for Axis Communications and author of the book Intelligent Network Video. He is a frequent contributor to STE, and his exclusive "Eye on Video" series is available at