Unified operations centers

Jeffrey Woodward and Marc Naese of Panduit have deployed an innovative UOC at its world headquarters facility

Cisco, which created the second video, applied the unified operations center concept in creating its Global SFOC (Security and Facilities Operations Center). In discussing its ROI, Cisco's Deon Chatterton, Senior Manager of Integrated Building and Risk Technologies, pointed out that the return for an operations center with a combined function is higher than for two separate centers. Where a single-function operations center may not fully make its business case, consider a dual-function center.

It is worth taking 15 minutes to view these YouTube videos, and to note how many times security and security technology can be seen to play a role in both security and non-security building functions.

Panduit - Connected Buildings (2:33): http://tinyurl.com/Panduit-cb
Cisco - Connected Real Estate (9:43): http://tinyurl.com/Cisco-cre