Market focus: Critical infrastructure security

A roundup of recent security applications and installations

SmarterFence is a fiber optic intrusion detection system designed to protect facilities by alarming any attempt to cut or climb a perimeter security fence. SmarterBeam, which protects the substation's two gates, is a passive infrared motion detector which projects an invisible infrared curtain up to 500 feet to detect and alarm any passage through the curtain. Each provides early warning of security breaches to allow timely response and limit damages.

Both products integrate with a DVR system to trigger fixed and PTZ cameras to operate on alarm and to notify the utility's 24-hour control center so operators can perform real-time video verification of the alarm. The alarms also tie into GVEC's card access security system, which further secures the facility's interior building.

Protecting the Water Supply in St. Cloud, Fla.

The City of St. Cloud, Fla., has deployed network cameras from Axis Communications at its water and wastewater plants as a first step in modernizing its existing analog video surveillance capabilities.

St. Cloud's most recent video surveillance project for the water and wastewater treatment plants was originally designed for analog cameras. However, after completing an ROI project analysis with security integrator SiteSecure Inc., it was determined that St. Cloud could obtain superior monitoring capabilities and better fault-tolerance by implementing a fiber-optics IP-based system in a redundant ring configuration.

Beginning in 2008, St. Cloud deployed AXIS 233D Network PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom), AXIS 221 Fixed Network and AXIS 223 Network Megapixel Fixed Cameras at numerous locations throughout the town to protect against intruders and remotely manage operations. In conjunction with selecting Axis fixed network cameras, SiteSecure also chose Genetec's Omnicast video management system and four Dell servers with a mixture of on-board and attached storage. To date, Axis network cameras have been installed at a new water treatment plant, a wastewater treatment facility and a water re-pump station.

Fire Panels Installed for Power Management Company Eaton Corp.

Silent Knight, part of Honeywell's Life Safety Group, has worked with Eaton Corp., to address the fire protection needs at its campus in Eden Prairie, Minn. Eaton, a global power management company, contacted UHL Company, an engineered systems distributor and integrator, which specified the IFP-2000 Scalable Intelligent Analog-Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) from Silent Knight to meet the fire safety needs on Eaton's campus.

The replacement of the existing fire alarm system at Eaton has recently been completed with the installation of Silent Knight's IFP-2000 panels, which are equipped with addressable architecture such as individual point identification, drift compensation and maintenance alert. The unit is 9th Edition UL Listed and FM Approved, and has the interconnection capability for up to eight panels.

"We believe the ability to monitor our entire fire protection system in real-time allows us to run at peak efficiency," says Lawrence Harer, maintenance manager for Eaton's Hydraulics Business. "[We can] monitor all aspects of the fire panel at any time, so we can see impending failures before they happen."