Secure Integrator Corp

Opportunities and Experiences Feed Off Each Other

Founded on the principles of security solutions integration, Secure Integrator builds on its growth one step at a time. Tony Padilla, president of Manassas, VA-based Secure Integrator Corp., had come from a security background that included a company he helped start. (He recalls that first company he helped start required much time and travel, taking away from his home life that includes seven children.)
Padilla's goal for Secure Integrator since day one was to create a successful local company that is highly competitive but maintained itself in an expanding regional market.

First, however, he reconnected with his family, and had time to branch out in other directions. During the period when he was unable to be as active in the business side of the industry as he wanted, Padilla discovered there was a lot he could do.

“I spent a year focusing on building up a consulting business that offered program management, expert advice and provided solutions for companies in the physical area of applications,” states Padilla. “I also reconnected with members of the industry who serve on industry committees and boards. I really kept busy.”

This re-engineering has really paid off. Being in the vortex of an industry think tank, location-wise, is also aiding in the positioning of his current venture.

Life Goes On

After meeting the obligations of a non-compete contract, Padilla set out to create new business opportunities by pursuing different channels. One of the areas he chose to focus his efforts on, for example, is in the growth area of an SBA 8 (a) and Small Disadvantaged Business Development Certifications (SDB).

“Getting involved with 8 (a) is a new focus for me as it opens up opportunities with the federal government and the State of Virginia ,” explains Padilla.

Secure Integrator's award of an 8(a) certification by the U.S. Small Business Administration means the company has met the qualification of the SBA 8a/SDB program to receive business development support allowing them to bid on 8(a) contracts throughout a nine-year program term. The objective of the SBA's 8a Business Development program is to assist small disadvantaged business concerns to be competitive in the U.S. economy.

Small businesses now play a key role in how a market performs and offer the speed and flexibility to adapt to varying trends. Secure Integrator offers design consulting, application engineering, HSPD-12 compliant physical access solutions and related products to meet clients' physical electronic security installation and integration needs.

Padilla prides himself on his company's ability to provide quality assurance, system administration outsourcing, and the ability to provide turn-key solutions for government agencies as well as commercial clients.

“I was extremely pleased with the Small Business Administration's decision to certify Secure Integrator Corp.,” says Padilla who has also been an active member of the Smart.Gov initiatives relating to federal smart card implementations. “With this contracting vehicle and our industry expertise, Secure Integrator will be able to provide the federal government with superior HSPD-12 physical access products, services, and support. I see great value to large commercial clients as well,” he comments.

“The federal government has done the due diligence into our small business and has certified that we are based on sound fiscal and business principles,” he adds.

With his previous company, he would team up with 8(a)'s, now as the minority business primary contractor they are directly involved in all facets of the contract. As an 8(a) / SDB certified small business, Secure Integrator is well positioned to support the need for prime contractors and Federal agencies to meet their small-business utilization requirements with product and services offerings that are first and foremost HSPD-12 compliant.

“We are also working on our GSA schedule and teaming up with some of the companies I had worked with in the past—such as the Deptartment of State on some unique projects.”

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