Refocusing on Fire Detectors and Sensors

Technology helps lower risk

CO & Vulcain Poisonous Gas Detectors

The CO1224 CO (carbon monoxide) detector for residential applications and the Vulcain Series of gas monitoring devices for parking structures and mechanical-type rooms are now available through Gamewell-FCI. Both detector lines represent an addition of more than 100 devices to an already comprehensive product portfolio.

Every year, more than 500 people die in the U.S. from accidental CO poisoning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Growing numbers of CO deaths have lead cities like New York to require CO detectors in tenanted properties and other similar applications.

Gamewell-FCI's CO1224 detector ties straight into the fire system to alert occupants via the system's notification appliances and notify the central station when dangerous levels of CO are detected. CO detectors monitored by a central station provide extra protection when residents are sleeping or alone; the residence is empty; or when occupants are already suffering from the effects of CO.

Gamewell-FCI's Vulcain Series is a complete line of commercial gas detectors, including monitoring devices for underground parking structures where toxic gases can build quickly. These detectors can be installed to activate ventilation fans when common vehicle emissions such as CO and nitrogen dioxide reach hazardous levels. Controlled fan run-time and temperature stabilization can equal large reductions in maintenance and energy costs.

A building's mechanical room is the hub of its HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system – relegating a big need for gas detection systems to be installed within these types of rooms. The Vulcain Series includes detectors designed to monitor for deadly refrigerants and combustible gases. Boiler and chiller rooms, electrical and fuel rooms, and metering and communications closets all have the potential to leak combustible, toxic gases, making them the perfect application for these detectors.

A 50-point Addressable Digital Fire Control Communicator

Ideal for small to mid-size applications, the IntelliKnight 5700 Fire Control Communicator from Silent Knight now conforms to the testing requirements of UL 9th edition standards, and boasts battery charging circuit integrity testing. It provides digital fire reporting over ordinary telephone lines and supports up to 50 addressable devices that allow the user to pin-point precisely which device has been activated and/or needs attention. It also uses a distributed power scheme to simplify installation and reduce wiring requirements.

The drift compensation feature

of the 5700 helps reduce false alarms and pin-point maintenance problems. If a fault condition is detected at any of the 50 addressable points, the system will display the problem sensor and generate a trouble report that is sent to the central station. In addition, the system conducts an automatic test every 24 hours that is sent to the central station. The 5700 reports in both the SIA and Contact ID formats.

Directional Sounder

The System Sensor Exitpoint directional sounder Model PF24 has an integral audio amplifier that produces a sound consisting of broadband low, mid and high range sounds in specific pulse patterns. ExitPoint directional sounders fitted in addition to normal building evacuation sounders, draw people to evacuation routes in perfect and poor visibility. Triggered by existing fire detection systems, directional sounders positioned at key locations guide building occupants along escape routes and to perimeter building exits.

The PF24 directional sounder incorporates four different field-selectable sound pulse patterns. The patterns consist of broadband noise that makes it possible to locate where the sound is coming from. The four pulse patterns are used to create an egress pathway out of a building and mark perimeter exits. The sound pattern becomes faster as the building occupant approaches the perimeter exit.