Leaders in the Integrated Home: An Exclusive Security Dealer Roundtable

Panelist discuss:

Yu: Residential electronic systems have come a long way. Before, it was just a box that distributes phone and video. Now, it can distribute surround sound throughout the entire house, control central air systems, surveillance, security and home networking. The focus is bringing everything together into a center console where everything is easily integrated and simple to use.

Manguno: Increased competition has been one of the most positive developments in residential electronics. The evolution of new technologies New products and technologies have actually allowed the creation of better products….at more affordable prices!

Geiser: Technologies now deliver a new platform that more readily fits the needs of the production builder and their integration partners than previous more costly solutions.

Root: Positive developments include the iPod generation that will come to expect technology in their homes; the boomer generation who will be able to age gracefully in their homes with the advances of automation/control; concerns for personal security caused by increased cocooning; and, environmental and economic concerns such as energy efficiency. Home systems will be completely integrated in the near future.