Leadership Move Four: Lead through Visible Participation, not Proclamation

Perhaps the greatest falsehood in change management is the myth of “management buy-in.” When different levels of an organization are asked if they have management’s commitment, they inevitably respond, “Oh yeah, we have their buy-in. They are...

Remember what leadership is really about: it is not a job, it is an act. Anyone can be a leader. But in assuming this role, a person has to learn how to teach, to build creative tension and to eliminate fear and comfort. He or she must actively participate in the transformation and apply it to his or her own job.

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Derrick Wright, CPP, is the Director, DEA Compliance, EHS & Security for Baxter Healthcare, Cherry Hill, N.J. With more than 20 years of pharmaceutical industry management experience, he has built a converged program that focuses on top-of-mind business issues and technology interoperability to support improved business processes. Derrick is a member of the Security Executive Council and the Convergence Council of the Open Security Exchange (OSE).