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Product Focus: Keypads, Controls & Communicators

Very Early Warning Fire

The VESDA VFT-15 early warning fire detection system from Xtralis provides high-sensitivity fire detection through the use of flexible micro bore sampling tubes that intelligently monitor up to 15 locations to pinpoint the source of incipient smoke, enabling the identification and isolation of a fire alarm within a specific sector or compartment. This actionable intelligence enables fast response to a potential fire or environmental event to minimize downtime and enhance investigations.

Spec it Right with Program

Fire-Lite Alarms released a new Lite-Specs program, designed to allow dealers to create custom fire alarm specifications. This Windows-based software contains the latest technical information on Fire-Lite Alarms’ addressable and conventional systems. A new update feature allows users to download the latest versions of all documentation with the click of a button.

Access Control Panel

The DirecDoor controller from GE Security is a two-reader and two-door power over Ethernet (PoE) IP-connected access control panel. It integrates with Facility Commander® Wnx, Secure Perfect® and Picture PerfectTM access control and integrated security management software. DirecDoor powers the door-lock hardware using PoE. Its simple Ethernet plug-in installation reduces labor costs and allows new doors to be efficiently controlled using online access systems.

It’s Learning Time

Kaba Access Control added the new LearnLok™ feature to the E-Plex PROX-based E5700 series electronic locks, E5770 series SACs (Stand-Alone Access Controller) and the newly introduced E3700 series narrow stile electronic locks. The LearnLok™ feature simplifies programming of up to 300 user credentials (HID PROX cards, fobs, etc.) per door by “learning” them right at the lock’s reader without the use of software and related lock programming devices.

Fire Alarm Panel Release

Bosch Security Systems Inc. unveiled the FPA-1000-UL Compact Fire Panel. This advanced analog addressable control panel offers customers a unique Web-based approach for monitoring and maintaining the system and for generating reports. A Web server and set of interactive Web pages provide an instant means to access important system functions, including programming, status, history files, diagnostic tools and test data.

Internet Transmission of Fire Alarms

Silent Knight’s new IP Communicator enables transmission of fire alarm information over Internet/Intranet lines while providing line supervision every 90 seconds. Designed to plug into a panel’s existing telephone ports, this ANSI/UL 9th Edition-listed product is simple to install, with no panel reconfiguration required. Dealers can take advantage of its upload/download capabilities for remote monitoring, testing and even panel programming.

An ‘Alpha’ Keypad

The 6460 Custom Alpha Keypad from Honeywell is the latest addition to its family of security control keypads that simplifies the operation of residential and commercial security systems. With its customizable logo option, negative etched keys and stylish silver or white housings, Honeywell’s 6460S Custom Alpha Keypads are a great way to help dealers build their brands and win new business.

Integrated System Control

Onity’s Integra 5 electronic locking platform is now being made available to the commercial access control market. The platform combines both online and offline locking devices into a single integrated access control system. Information about who is allowed to access specific doors, along with any associated time and date parameters, is stored within each individual lock. This greatly reduces the cost of installation by eliminating the need for retrofit wiring to any offline doors.

Keypads with a ‘Wow’ Factor

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