New Products

Product Focus: Keypads, Controls & Communicators

The ET9 Midrange Reader (ET9-RO-W-MR) from SecuraKey is an ISO 15693 compliant contactless smart card reader designed for indoor or outdoor applications. The ET9 is the first mid-range smart card reader for access control, providing twice the read range of comparably priced wall-switch readers.  The ET9 reads Secura Key e*Tag cards with Wiegand data, as well as the card’s UID.

Redefining Covert Video

For years, covert video meant hiding surveillance cameras from potential criminals. Speco Technologies has developed a new concept – hide the video recorder instead. The DVRWM Series of wall mounted DVRs looks like a normal burglar alarm or electrical panel hanging on the wall in a utility area, but inside is the heart of the TL Series Pentaplex/H.264 networkable DVR.

Through the Night and

Into the Day

The EZ430 Weatherproof IR Color Bullet with 520TVL from EverFocus offers a vari-focal lens for wider angle views and is equipped with a motorized lens controller for zoom/focus lens adjustment. Cable wires are placed inside the camera bracket to ease installation & eliminate wire damage. Energy-saving with intelligent IR control, the EZ430 is also true day/night, vandal resistant and IP66 rated.

Management System for Network Cameras

The IQmanager system software has been designed by IQinVision for managing IQeye network cameras. IQmanager enables network managers to edit and update IQeye cameras with an intuitive, intelligent software support tool. It can find local and remote cameras, perform batch updates, cut and paste camera configurations and perform basic camera diagnostics.

The Kollector Gets Even Better

Vicon introduces a faster, more powerful new generation of its popular Kollector network DVRs. The new 1RU and 3RU models support 480 fps across 16 channels and are H.264-ready. Each has the ability to support local and remote analog, network IP and megapixel cameras, including many 3rd party models. Storage capacity is up to 4TB internally; 36 TB with external RAIDs.


Mini is Very Mighty

Wren introduced a new line of IP MiniGlobes featuring Pixim’s Digital Pixel System® technology for superior image quality regardless of lighting condition or application.  The Pixim-Powered Wren IP MiniGlobes deliver superior color rendering and the optimal exposure in uncontrolled lighting conditions and are available with recessed and pendant.

Switching Power Supply

The ZQ100 Series from ARCH Electronics is a low-cost but high-reliability AC-DC open frame switching power supply. It features constant current and constant voltage functions and Isolation Class II; an optional P.F.C. function is available. With an efficiency up to 88 percent the ZQ100 Series is a good choice for LED power..

IP Power to the People

The IP Power 9268 from Aviosys is one master device which controls four IP Power receivers (up to 16 output ports) by RF up to distance of 50 meters all through the Internet. The receiver is model 9268 and its slave unit has input power voltage of 90 to 240VAC.

Step Off Bad Guys

The Vandal Resistant Fixed Mini Dome Network Camera from Canon, the VB-C500VD, is built for indoor use where vandals may prey. The unit is designed with the Multi-Directional Shock Absorber, a four-spring mechanism designed to protect the camera by lessening the effects of impact from various angles. If the dome is subjected to a blunt force, the suspension springs shift the lens’ moveable base in the direction of the momentum to catch and displace the force of impact.

Microcontroller Unit

Atmel’s SAM3U series is a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 Flash microcontroller with high-speed 480 Mbps USB. The SAM3U-EK Evaluation Kit (SAM3U-EK) allows the evaluation of the SAM3U series devices. With enough features to demonstrate most of the product’s capabilities to the users, the SAM3U-EK features extension connectors to allow the users to add new interfaces that are not on-board.

New Products for Wireless Data Communication

Synapse Wireless® provides Internet-enabled, wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication using its SNAP mesh network technology. Synapse’s SNAP is an auto-forming, multi-hop, mesh network stack combined with an embedded Python interpreter for running application code.

Use it Inside Discretely

Tamron USA Inc. released a new indoor-use mini-dome camera with a built-in high-quality vari-focal lens. The model DC28105N-12 features a 2.8-10.5mm F/1.2 high quality lens that yields excellent imaging results for surveillance applications.