New Products

Product Focus: Keypads, Controls & Communicators

Server and Recording Action

AMAG Technology released of the family of Symmetry EN-9000 Series video servers and encoders. The Symmetry EN-9000 series operates on the edge of the network and is fully integrated with Symmetry Video Management software to provide a powerful digital video system.

Green UPS Series for Security

Ideal for power protection for security systems, VoIP telephone systems, plus small servers, network peripherals and home entertainment systems, Para Systems Inc. announced the availability of two new additions to the Minuteman EnSpire series of uninterruptible power supplies. The new EN750 and EN900 provide energy savings through two design features. First, when the internal battery is fully charged, the charger goes into “rest mode.” Second, the units are designed to operate at over 90% efficiency while in AC normal mode.

Secure the Detection Product

System Sensor released the 6500-MMK Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket. The bracket allows installers to mount the reflected beam smoke detector transmitter/receiver unit or reflector unit in locations where building movement and vibration are common. Made from 12-gauge stamped steel with locking fasteners, the bracket allows for both pan and tilt to match the angle required for various applications.

Seismic Mounting Parameters

ERICO® offers a new line of products to help make it easier to attach and install a wide range of sway bracing for seismic and other catastrophic events. The new CADDY® products can be installed in a fraction of the time of standard products and offer a variety of time- and cost-saving features.

Not for Newscasting Only

The IP Newscaster camera from Marshall Electronics Inc. is equipped with a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor and H.264 video compression. It connects directly to IP networks, eliminating the need for expensive coaxial cable networks and providing full motion 1600 x 1200 resolution.

Sight and Sound

Grandstream Networks released a new addition to their GXV video phone series, the GXV3006.  Like other models in the GXV300x series, this device is an unrivaled provider of face-to-face communication for any multi-media communication environment, like the virtual office.

Extend Your Installation Possibilities

 The Chase Security Lecture Hall Microphone Enclosure houses a flexible microphone and digital conferencing system unit. These units have been developed for use in lecture halls, theaters and auditoriums to allow attendees to conference with the host speaker from the comfort of their seats. The model CSDFB-35 measures 5” square by 3” and provided with a 2 3/8” standoff which can be mounted behind the arm rest of the preceding row of seats.

Mini Overhead/Floor Mount Contact

The new Tane 86 overhead garage door contact is a floor mount unit that’s mini in size.  Dimensions are two and 1/4-inches long by beveled 3/8-inches high.  This allows the installer to mount the contact out of the way of the fork lift in warehouse applications.  The contact is bar cast aluminum with no epoxy on the underside to deteriorate over time.