Live vs. Rewind (Case Study: Iveda Solutions)

For certain end-users, using live surveillance services can translate into better, cost-effective security

The days of scratchy images recorded on videotape are long gone. Advances in surveillance camera technology mean crystal-clear digital pictures that can be viewed in real-time as events occur, or recorded for later viewing. So what are the benefits of proactively protecting businesses with live surveillance? Is there a benefit to using this type of surveillance over traditional recorded video? There is nothing new about how camera surveillance works — it is how to get the most out of the equipment that is up for discussion.

Deterring Crime
Real-time surveillance consists of live remote guarding protocols using an existing or augmented surveillance camera system. In many cases, the facility’s security guard team is tasked with this responsibility. But an Internet-enabled camera infrastructure allows the cameras to be viewed from a remote location. If business owners do not have the time to watch their cameras or do not want to hire security staff to watch them, there is the option of outsourcing this function to a remote surveillance company.

Live virtual guards watch as events unfold and they can act accordingly on an owner’s behalf — whether that means a call to the owner or to the police. With the use of security cameras and an IP infrastructure, property owners and first responders can watch what’s happening in real-time and this advancement in outsourcing is changing the way crime is prevented, reported and prosecuted.

Police say surveillance cameras, whether installed by businesses, homeowners or local governments, act as a powerful enforcement tool and crime deterrent. The reality for both police departments and business owners is that security staff cannot be everywhere at once. With live remote surveillance, the security staff has, in effect, an extra pair of eyes.

Live Surveillance for the LAPD
Using live surveillance and remote monitoring services from Iveda Solutions, the Los Angeles Police Department keeps tabs on a large parking lot at one of its facilities. According to LAPD Officer Alex Arredondo, when the Iveda intervention specialist on duty alerted them that a break-in and theft was taking place, Arredondo and his fellow officers were able to track the perpetrator using a live video feed. The technology and human interaction behind it not only helped them make the arrest, but also aided in the prosecution.

   “We simply could not have caught this guy had it not been for the live cameras and the security technician directing us to where we needed to be,” Arrendondo said. “I think that technology like this is a great way to help police forces — by monitoring problem locations like narcotics spots, gang neighborhoods and even to alert officers of danger.”

Iveda specializes in IP video hosting and real-time remote surveillance services, using a combination of Internet-enabled cameras, a secure data center, and intervention specialists to monitor and respond to situations in real-time.

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