Migrating Your Analog System to IP–A Hybrid Approach

We all realize the CCTV industry is migrating forward to an all digital approach. The speed of that migration is dependant on performance (video quality) and cost. For similar quality, today's IP video is still quite pricey, especially when viewed from...

Guy Apple is the vice president, Marketing and Sales for Network Video Technologies, an award-winning worldwide leader in hybrid UTP-based surveillance video and camera power transmission systems.


Advantages of a Hybrid Video Network

• Allows you to transmit analog video up to one mile and supplies (low cost) low-voltage camera power at distances greater than PoE.

• Uses analog cameras and hybrid DVRs to provide the best of both worlds.

• Stream 60 images per second high resolution video with little impact to the LAN.

• Only one IP address per DVR vs. multitudes of IP addresses for each camera.

• Scheduled network maintenance won't stop a hybrid system from recording.

• No telemetry or video latency.

• Virus protection issues are limited to the DVR instead of all the cameras.

• Provides a cost effective, standards-based migration path to full IP.