KEYPADS: Essential Elements in Security & Access Control

Wide Acceptance Boosts Popularity

for operating an auxiliary deadbolt. If an electric strike is mounted on the door frame, remote door release functions may also be provided.

The DL1200 provides a real ten numeral (and the symbol buttons “*” and “#”) metal keypad and can have 100 user codes programmed, along with a set of extremely useful functions which enable the lock to be configured to suit the application. The mechanical design of the AL1200 is simple, and so is programming. For more information, visit


With its unique design suited for aluminum storefronts and its iButton compatibility, the Schlage Narrowstile King Cobra also fills a niche. By providing iButton keyfobs in addition to access codes, you can achieve a higher level of security by preventing unauthorized entrance. An access control administrator can choose to require a pin code, an iButton, or both to gain authorized entry.

Because codes and iButtons can be easily and quickly added or deleted, security can be enhanced by increasing the frequency with which codes are changed, while also cutting down on the labor time and cost to accomplish this. The Schlage iButton utilizes a Dallas Chip, which is an indestructible, highly secure and versatile device.

The iButton is a computer chip enclosed in a 16mm stainless steel can. All iButtons use their stainless steel “Can” for their electronic communications interface. Each “Can” has a data contact which is called the “Lid” and a ground contact which is called the “Base.” Each of these contacts is connected to the silicon chip inside. The “Lid” is the top of the “Can” and the “Base” forms the sides and the bottom of the “ Can. ”

The two contacts are separated by a polypropylene grommet. By touching the I-Button to the reader communication from the I-button to the reader occurs using a 1-Wire protocol. For enterprise-wide systems, an iButton credential can be enrolled and or disallowed in as many locations as are required without concerns about facility code, or enrollment code conflicts.

No wiring is required to install King Cobra; it is battery powered and requires no external network connections or external electric lock since it's all on board.

The narrowstile King Cobra is suitable for new installs and retrofits, and is designed to be used with Adam-Rite 4711 type latches and accessories. Simplified installation translates into a lower cost of installation and ownership. For more information, visit