Leaders in Video Surveillance - A Security Dealer Roundtable

Panelists, this month, discuss: “The Future of Video Technology.” Susan Brady : IP-based video is undeniably the technology of the future for video surveillance. How long do you think it will take for IP-based video systems to make a...

It's the same thing with IP video surveillance systems. You can buy a DVR now, but you know you're at the tail-end of that technology lifecycle. In the long run you get better value with the IP approach because you are investing for the future.

Q. What is the best transition strategy for companies that already own DVR systems?

A. We often encounter companies that have an existing DVR system and lots of analog cameras already in place. They can switch over to IP video now by running the analog cameras through a video encoder. It's a short term strategy, but a good way to preserve the existing investment. Or, they can start small by adding megapixel cameras on high value areas like merchandise racks or bank teller lines. IP video systems scale beautifully.

Q. You seem to be a forward thinker, so what is the next big opportunity?

A. The next big opportunity will be the integration of IP video with access control. IP Pro Tech is beginning to offer these types of IP access control systems. The most obvious application is secure door entry with a remote key lock that triggers the IP video camera, either taking snapshots of people as they badge in or from a central security desk buzzing people in after monitoring that they are who they should be. This integrated solution is relevant for lots of government accounts, secure IT facilities, and educational institutions.

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