The Value of IP Surveillance

Outlining the technology’s multiple benefits

Digital video systems save money by using non-proprietary off-the-shelf hardware, and by using efficient digital storage. In addition to eliminating expensive coax cable, IP networks use existing cabling and/or a network tree topology instead of every camera having a home run cable back to the recorder.

Cost savings also grow out of the increasing system efficiency using intelligent video analytics, which filter events and enable fewer operators to provide enhanced security. Better detection enables immediate response. Finally, lower maintenance and equipment costs contribute to an overall lower cost of ownership.

What’s more, today’s video surveillance systems can have an enterprise-wide impact. There are applications for marketing and merchandising, maintenance, process control and more. Insurance costs and liability exposure can be reduced. Additionally, it is possible to integrate multiple physical security applications such as access control, video surveillance, visitor management and alarm/fire safety systems, with the end-result being a much more manageable system.

When technology ties the expansive capabilities of digital video together with a user-friendly, human-intuitive interface, then the immense value of the technology can be unleashed for today’s businesses.

Gadi Piran is president and CTO of On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI).