Changes in Security, Changes in Technology

Both can deliver benefits emanating from a fundamentally broader outlook

In today’s business environment, integrated solutions reach across multiple departments and disciplines. It is a new, higher level of systems integration. By delivering fully integrated solutions across numerous professional and consumer product lines, suppliers such as Panasonic System Solutions have an opportunity to work even more closely with customer and reseller partners. This is a monumental shift from product sales to systems sales; from a product perspective to a needs perspective. An entire product suite becomes unified on a single scalable platform. As suppliers, we can make the most of our opportunities by providing innovative, integrated systems that meet the immediate and future needs — and exceed the expectations — of the market.

The system solutions business model, in contrast to a product-specific approach, fits perfectly with how the perception of security is changing within the enterprise. Both represent a fundamental broadening of the outlook moving forward.

As an industry, we need to both help our customers look for ways to make security an integral part of the enterprise and demonstrate how technology can be used to enable the enterprise to function more effectively and efficiently as a whole. A system solutions approach to the market does both, while ensuring an expanded role for our industry’s technologies at the enterprise level now and for years to come.

J.M. Allain is President of Panasonic System Solutions Company.