Securing a Successful Gaming Future

Evolving integrated security approach helps Manitoba Lotteries Corp. thrive

On-the-Mark Measures

While safety and security are top priorities for MLC, non-security-related operations are also influential on business outcomes, including marketing. To help track efforts in this hard-to-measure area, MLC deployed Honeywell’s People Counter intelligent video analytics technology at entrances and exits at both casinos. The technology uses analytics-enabled cameras that use complex algorithms to count patrons entering and exiting, routing data back to the organization’s central PC server for analysis.

MLC also relies on the system’s reporting abilities. People Counter feeds data into the IDM system, and personnel can then pull valuable information such as trending data to determine the success of specific promotions, for example.

“The statistics we pull from the system help us accurately gauge the success of our marketing activities and ensure we’re maximizing all of our resources,” Sanscartier says. “For example, we can use the system to determine information as specific as which day of the week would be best for a boxing or musical event that would cater to a specific demographic.”

Once information is in the system, MLC can filter it and tie it to corresponding video and data. “The specificity of the system, enabled by the tight integration, further empowers our surveillance team and auditors to carry out their duties with extreme due diligence,” Sanscartier adds.

That same due diligence also carries over to audit-related activities. MLC follows strict audit specifications set by gaming standards and by gaming commission regulators, which includes regular reviews both internally and from external reviewers. MLC undergoes a security system-wide audit on an annual basis. Based on the recommendations that result from the audit, MLC makes necessary adjustments to meet the requirements.

Upgrading to a digital-based system has helped it more easily meet compliance standards — and make necessary adjustments more quickly and easily, as well. If one of the casinos changes its floor plan even slightly — moving a slot machine from one area to another, for example — the changes can affect the necessary configuration of the casino’s cameras. With a flexible system, making those camera moves is simple, according to Bergmann.

“Just moving a couple of slot machines can affect where several cameras need to be, based on regulations specific to standards associated with slot machines,” he says. “With a flexible and robust system, though, making the necessary adjustments is quick and easy, which also translates into a smoother and faster audit process.”

Securing a Successful Future

With the current success of its security approach, MLC continues to look ahead to how and what it can add, update or do differently when it comes to its integrated security system. Currently in the works are measures to centralize all security operations and locations on a single front-end to further enhance operational efficiencies — a move made possible in part by its digital foundation. The centralization project reflects MLC’s approach to ensuring it’s always doing what it can to remain competitive with the utmost integrity.

“We’re able to maintain a dynamic security system because we’re always seeking the newest and most cutting-edge technology and asking what we can do differently and better,” Sanscartier says. “This requires maintaining our base so we always ensure new technological additions are compatible with our core system, while also looking for a new edge that will help us to continue advancing forward.”

For MLC, both its current state and future plans all point toward time and cost efficiencies that enable better security.

“Any time our staff gains efficiencies, whether it’s through reporting, monitoring or locating a specific event, the payoff is exponential,” Sanscartier says. “As a result, they’re able to do their jobs better and conduct all the activities we’re concerned with — guests, employees and asset protection.”