Remote and Mobile Monitoring -- Ushering in a remote guarding revolution

Security monitoring holds no mercy for potential threats

Proper training of remote guards is important, since in many situations, the “intruder” may in fact be a welcome visitor – for example, someone “kicking the tires” in a car dealer’s lot after hours. Or in the case of ATM machines, an alarm that someone has been dwelling too long in the vestibule could indicate a vagrant trying to find a place to sleep, or it might be the sign of a customer having problems and needing assistance. Or take the case when video analytics report a truck backing up to a loading dock after midnight: The remote guard might be facing a potential burglary, or it could be a planned late night delivery. With two-way audio and video they could verify the delivery credentials, remotely open the loading dock door, supervise the whole unloading process and then lock up afterwards.
Remote guarding also delivers added value to your client’s business. Because the cluster of security benefits and cost advantages are so compelling, intelligent interactive video monitoring is now economically feasible enough to enable guard services in more applications.

Take the real-world story of an auto dealership in an urban area. On-site guards and fences did little to prevent theft and vandalism on the lot. They still experienced break-ins and damage on a monthly basis. Adopting remote guarding with video analytics reduced their thefts and break-ins to zero, for the last three years. The protection was so successful that they took their fences down, making the lot far more welcoming to visitors. Their sales went up and their dealership monthly costs were cut by 75 percent over the on-premises guard service. Video analytics have produced similar results across the landscape, whether protecting construction sites, high-risk facilities, chemical plants, utility sub-stations, high-end homes, storage lots, or supporting homeland defense at borders and government buildings.
Remote guarding built on video analytics is unquestionably the next wave of premises security, driven by both cost and performance benefits.

About the author: Doug Marman is the CTO of VideoIQ Inc., Bedford, Mass., and the founder of the Remote Guarding Alliance. The companies of the Remote Guarding Alliance include: Elite Interactive Solutions Inc., Rapid Response Systems, Statewide Security, SureView Systems, VideoIQ, ViewPoint and Visentry. Visit